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April 1, 2017

I started blogging back in 2011, and I was on a good run until I got knocked up and had to launch a skincare line. I know… excuses excuses.

Well, my dear OG Merry Robin readers, it’s April Fools and I’m back! I set today as a deadline to relaunch this bad boy, so let’s do this. Time to makeup for some lost time. Ry is a huge reason why I wanted to start this up again because how is my baby 15 months already? I need to document these moments because time is a damn thief.

Ry you are so silly these days and I can’t get enough of you. Your belly is the bees knees.

You light up when you see Grandpa and you give him the biggest smile when you see him. You even run towards him which is something you rarely do with anyone.

Swiffering the floors is your latest obsession. You like to copy everything we do these days.

Your chubby baby feet kill me.

I’m hardly with you in any photos because I’m the one always snapping them. I’m going to force papa to be more of the Instagram husband he needs to be so we can have more of these gems.




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