LA Adventures + 15 months

April 14, 2017

After year end was over and a skincare brand was launched into Sephora, we decided it was time to just be blobs and enjoy some family time together. We flew down to LA to do just that.

First stop. Republique! I knew Robin would order their basic breakfast which ironically ain’t “basic” at all. He loved it which was a win win. It’s always hard to find a spot we both love equally.

This is one of the things I will miss most when Ry is too big. He probably is already too big for the ergo, but carrying him while he sleeps is my favorite thing ever. He’s moving around so much these days that I cherish these moments so much.

This kid. If you’ve ever had the chocolate chip cookie at go get em tiger, there is a big ass solid piece of chocolate in the middle. I gave Ry a little bit of the edges (basically just flour and butter) – then comes Uncle Abe who hands him the middle part which he swallows in a nanosecond. LOL.

Love the coffee shops in LA. Though many may serve the same beans according to Uncle Larry, the ambiance + the food they serve are so good. I actually drank more coffee that week than I typically do in a month – but just had to.

My favorite meal was at Aghassi Gopchang. We always wait to get our KBBQ fix in LA and been dying to try this place for awhile. Their specialty is in the meats (duh Gopchang! aka intestines). Not a variety of sides dishes offered but their kimchee is really good and their cold noodle soups and jiggaes are super tasty. Their gopchang actually comes out fairly cooked so your cooking time is cut down dramatically. TAKE ME BACK!

Yumm. Somi Somi. My ice cream is the one on the left, the hubby’s is the one on the right. Of course. The batter was both chewy and crispy just how I like it.

One of the highlights was definitely seeing Ry play with his besties. I say besties, because he has no choice but to grow up together in this lifetime, while their mommas embarrass them. It’s in their best interest to stick together.

Char has no idea what is coming next. She is about to get her first kiss and she no likey AT ALL. I could watch that video everyday. In fact I do.

Dear Ry,

You turned 15 months today and the last two months have been my absolute favorite with you. Papa agrees too. You love playing with trains, giving kisses, and you dropped the bottle! You’ll do anything for a snack, and we probably give you one too many. Screwing on bottle caps and putting keys in keyholes are really your thing these days. You are fearless and love people (especially the ones your size). You walked out of a coffee shop while Uncle Abe followed you closely and you never turned around to look for me so we’ll have to work on that. Or lock you up. Lock you up for sure.



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  • Razy Raisin

    i’m sad Ry and Ri didn’t take a picture together 🙁 but at least my THUMB made a debut.

    • styleitso

      What would I have done without your thumb? Story T just didn’t get it!

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